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Remotely-triggered cameras in difficult and dangerous situations are nothing new, but how many have you seen that can roam around grabbing shots of dangerous animals while you remain at a safe distance? The BeetleCam is a project by two brothers from the UK, Will and Matthew Burrard-Lucas. They took a four-wheel drive, remote-controlled buggy with oversized wheels and attached a Canon Digital Rebel XTi (EOS 400D, if you’re from the other side of the pond). Predictably, the camera body was “sustained irreparable damage” and was replaced by the more formidable EOS 1D MK III. On each side of the lens, (which I’m guessing is a 17-40mm F/4L) there’s a speed light fired using a modified remote cable. The images they got as a result seem to suggest that the experiment was quite a success.

Maybe for their next project, they can equip a miniature submarine with a waterproof camera to prevent the rash of camera theft by octopi that seems to be happening recently.