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Adobe has been teasing everyone with snippets about the newest version of the Creative Suite software, but today they’re laying the cards, install discs and instruction manuals on the table. The new releases include the normal version of Photoshop ($699 or $149 as an upgrade) as well as the Extended edition, which is aimed at multimedia creators ($999 or $349 as an upgrade). Both will be shipping in May.

The upgrades are numerous and should apply to a wide range of users, but one of the most appealing lies in the fact that Photoshop is now a native 64-bit application for both PC and Mac users, which should improve performance across the board. In addition, it also includes the impressive Content Aware Fill feature we showed you a few weeks ago, as well as HD Pro, which is designed to streamline the high dynamic range process while cutting down on unattractive abnormalities like ghost artifacts. The HDR toning mode even allows you to give a single image an HDR look, if that’s the aesthetic you’re going for.