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Nikon users will be first in line to get hands-on with Tamron’s newest full-frame telephoto zoom. As the alphabet soup surrounding the focal length in its name suggests, it’s jammed full of features, including their proprietary Vibration Compensation (VC) technology, which they claim gives you an extra four stops to play with when hand-holding. Focusing is powered by Tamron’s first ever ultrasonic autofocus motor, which promises faster, quieter focusing. If the autofocus isn’t doing what you want and you don’t feel like dancing around until it finds the right spot, you can simply adjust the focus ring and the lens automatically shifts into manual mode for precision adjustments.

Tamron also spent some serious time working on the glass elements in the lens, opting for a combination of low-dispersion glass as well as their new XLD, which the press material compares to fluorite. The press release doesn’t give up any pricing or release date info, but, as we mentioned before, Nikon users will get it first, with Canon and Sony mount models to come later. We’ll let you know as soon as we get our hands on one. For now, take the jump for the rest of the nitty gritty details.