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Eye-Fi’s wireless Wi-Fi capable SD cards have gotten even more versatile with the addition of their new X2 series. Both the 4 GB Connect and the 8 GB Explorer are equipped with faster 802.11n connectability to make uploads faster and are compatible with a slew of new hotspot locations that more than doubles the total number to 21,000 in the US. Both are Class 6 cards and will be available at most major retail outlets. The $50 Connect comes stock with the standard uploading features, while the Explore X2 offers free lifetime geotagging via nearby Wi-Fi hotspots. It also comes with a full year of hotspot access, something that will otherwise cost $15 a month. Plus, both cards have the “Endless Memory” function which automatically deletes backed up files from the card when space is starting to get tight. Both cards are currently available, so feel free to order and start taking advantage of all that free Wi-Fi out there