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The big sun, captured using a lens racked out to 500mm, is now closer to a Rule of Thirds placement.

The Fix-It Team rarely engages in this sort of hanky-panky, but when we saw Manjeet Jadeja’s charming photo of wild asses, we knew that sun had to move. The Gujarat, India, resident captured a neat moment, with the nuzzling duo near center, but the glowing orb fights it for attention.

So, in Adobe Photoshop CS4, we made a duplicate background layer and slid it upwards for more sky. We cut-and-pasted to move the sun, then used the Clone Stamp and Patch Healing brush to smooth over its original location. Time spent: 30 minutes.

Shot using a Nikon D40 and 50–500mm f/4–6.3 Sigma DG lens. Exposure, 1/60 sec at f/8; ISO 800. Minor adjustments made in Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop CS2.

— Dan Richards and Debbie Grossman