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The race to make interchangeable lens cameras as small as possible rages on, with the latest shot coming from Samsung in the form of this APS-C shooter. the NX10 uses solely electronic viewfinder–no mirror box–so they were able to shave quite a bit of size off of the body. They have also integrated a swanky 3-inch AMOLED display, which I can only assume got some help from their TV division, which has been spending a lot of time working on LED technology. It captures 14.6-megapixel images as well as 720p video in H.264 format.

While another APS-C option is nice to have on the market, the introduction of Samsung’s new NX lens mount system means that you’re going to be buying new glass if you want to jump on the Samsung bandwagon. They are also boasting their new DRIMe II Pro engine and advanced AF algorithm to make for speedy contrast AF.

The AMOLED screen is a nice touch, since it inevitably brings faster response times, a picture that’s visible in direct sunlight and, most importantly, substantially decreased power consumption. They’ll be showing it off at the CES show this weekend, but it won’t be hitting the shelves of your local camera shop until spring of this year at which point you can decide if it does the whole compact interchangeable lens thing better than the micro four thirds options out there. Specs after the jump.