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A huge part of photography is being able to select moments in time and capture them. Not just the visual aspects, but the true essence of a moment. But, it’s no secret that the rise of digital photography has brought on a wave of “shoot first, decide later” shooters, the pinnacle of which seems to be this little, square camera from the UK. Originally designed to help Alzheimer’s patients, the ViconRevue is worn around your neck and takes pictures at standard intervals ranging from 30 seconds and up. It also has sensors that tell the camera when a person is in front of it or it has entered new surroundings, so it can capture potentially important events. Up to 30,000 of the images are stored on 1 GB of internal memory. Having seen those numbers, you can certainly guess at the quality of the images. Samples at NewScientist.com suggest that they’re lo-res, soft-focus affairs with tons of barrel distortion and chromatic aberration for miles. But, we’re still very early in the life cycle.