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Leica fans have something to be excited about this morning, as their favorite camera manufacturer has officially announced their new 18-megapixel full-frame rangefinder, the M9. Like the M8, it’s compatible with all of the brand’s M-mount lenses, but because it uses a sensor the same size as 35mm film, they perform just as they would on one of Leica’s legendary film cameras.

On top of the CCD sensor, which was developed with Kodak, you’ll find a glass sensor cover designed to suppress infrared light. They have also rearranged the function buttons to allow quicker access to menus and features.

There are two version, one with a standard black with “vulkanit” finish and a new steel-grey model with a classic leatherette finish. Either one will cost you–hold on to your monocle–around $8,000 for the body only. Photos and all the important details after the break.