Q: I plan to buy a DSLR to take pictures of my son’s indoor basketball games—probably the Nikon D90. Is its 4.5-fps burst rate fast enough for b-ball? I want good action shots without blur or noise.
Peter Martinez
Honolulu, HI

A: The D90 is excellent for sports, capturing up to 54 full-sized Fine quality
JPEGs in 12 seconds in our lab tests. (Shooting RAW, we got 9 frames in 2 seconds before the buffer filled up.) Noise was in the Low range out to ISO 1600, and its AF system performed admirably in low light, taking less than a second to find a subject in light as dim as EV −1. So the D90 will deliver, but only with the right lens. If you go into the average high school gym with any glass slower than f/2.8, you may be disappointed, no matter the camera.
(From Tech Support July 2009)