Q: So I have this great horizontal shot of my wife with a lake and a sunset. Great shot. I send it to an online photo lab, and when I get it back, they’ve cropped off her head. So I try a Kodak kiosk and again she comes home headless. Now, I like my wife’s head and would like to keep it. What should I do?
Paul Sturmey
Carleton Place, ON, Canada

A: Most online printing sites and kiosks offer two crop options, often called full frame (or letterbox) and full paper (or autocrop). You select them by checking a box on the order setup screen. Check the former, and your wife will hold onto her head (although you will also get white borders left and right). Check the latter—or leave the crop options unchecked—and you will have some explaining to do. If your printing site doesn’t give you both the full-frame and full-paper options, have your photos printed somewhere else.
(From Tech Support July 2009)