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OnOne Software’s recently released DSLR Camera Remote application allows Canon users to remotely control their cameras using an iPhone or iPod Touch.

With a free software download and a USB cable to connect the camera to a WiFi-enabled computer, the application ($9.99 introductory price, $19.99 later) can remotely trigger the shutter and control aperture, white-balance, ISO, shutter speed and exposure compensation.

The application also gives users the ability to review photos saved in the camera, check its battery, and set timers for time-lapse or stop-action photography. Some of the compatible cameras allow for LiveView, a live stream of the camera’s viewfinder. A Lite version of the application, which can do little more than fire the shutter, is also available ($1.99).

The accompanying software runs on both Mac OS X and Windows and works with most current and previous generation Canon EOS DSLRs. When launched, it allows iPhones and iPods to automatically detect and wirelessly connect to a nearby camera. OnOne is developing an update for the application that will add support for a number of Nikon DSLRs.

—Carolina Hidalgo

Editorial Intern

Photo from OnOne Software.