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Perfect for a dad on the go, Eye-Fi’s wireless SD memory cards (www.eyefi.com; $50-$100) will let your dad upload photos to his computer without having to figure out where he left the USB cable. The “Share” version can upload pictures to more than two-dozen photo-sharing sites, including Flickr, Facebook and Shutterfly. And the “Explore” version uses wireless signals across the country to triangulate its location and geotag every picture.


Even if you want to opt for more classic Father’s Day gifts, you can still put a photographic spin on them. With a crystal photo cube, (www.redenvelope.com; $25-$40) your dad can proudly display a few special photos in an interesting and decorative way. For a more useful—but still classic—gift, go for a digital photo viewer/alarm clock (www.redenvelope.com; $40). Or put a real spin on a traditional gift with a digital photo keychain that can hold dozens of pictures (www.redenvelope.com; $40).


For a fun gift that will keep on giving, get your dad a cardboard pinhole camera kit (www.x-tremegeek.com; $25). You can spend a few quality hours together building P-Sharan’s SQ-35 camera—and many more hours bonding over primitive photographic technology. The camera works with 35mm film and includes four different filters.