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Tyler Heffernan submitted this image taken with a Nikon D2X, with the exposure of 1/50sec, f/3.5, ISO 200. He has lit the girl with one Profoto 7b (with a grid and a snoot) on a stand.  The lighting of the girl separates her from the scene , the light need to be dialed down and/or  moved  in closer to limit the light falling beyond the subject onto the leaves.  The girl also appears (this file is on the small side) to be over sharpened. The foggy scene is effective and the lighting on the girl makes her pop, her sideways glance towards the camera compensates for her walking out of frame.  The composition was well thought out, between the line of trees creating a leading line into the image, the curved line coming in from the left side of the frame leading straight to the girl and the trail of leaves together they all add interest and layers to the image.  This is a nice start, with the intent to make the girl standout using lights, next time try to create a more subtle lighting set up.

—Melissa Macatee
Contributing Blogger

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