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Amazon has now officially announced the launch of its Kindle DX, a larger and more expensive version of its Kindle 2 e-reader. It is big enough, says the company, to display text books, but there is also much anticipation that new larger-size devices like this will be delivery systems for newspapers and magazines. It doesn’t look to me like the new Kindle will be up to that particular task–it seems more geared to the text-book market.
    That seems logical–e-readers like this could cut the very high price of college test books, and college students are comfortable with technology like this. But if publishers can’t make a profit on these books–and college texts can be gold mines–they will probably be cool to the whole thing.)
    Other devices are on the way, and they will cater more to newspaper and magazine formats and production quality. What would it take to get you to buy one? Size? Portability? Price? The image quality will certainly have to improve to make the experience of seeing pictures worthwhile.–David Schonauer