With another wedding season means another round of tips for wedding photographers, but what about the rest of us? If you’re attending a wedding in the next few months, New York Institute of Photography offers seven photo tips for wedding guests, our favorites below.

1) Stay out of the way of the professional photographer.
The couple getting married spent a lot of money to hire a professional. The photographer will get all the big shots: The kiss, the vows, the first dance. The newlyweds with no doubt share these photos, so don’t worry you’ll get to see them.

2) If you want to take pictures in the church, sit in an aisle seat.
That is unless you want to include the back of the heads of the other guests.

3) While you may want to capture those “scripted” moments like the toasts, the cake cutting, and the bouquet-tossing, you may be better off turning away from the action and capturing “reaction” shots of the faces of guests. Something the hired pro might not get the chance to take and give a feel of what the wedding was like for the guests.