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Linsey Addario, whose pictures have appeared regularly in the New York Times in recent years, was injured in a car wreck in Pakistan on Saturday. According to Times Assistant Managing Editor Michelle McNally, Addario was returning to Islamabad after visiting efugee camps.
     Addario suffered a broken collar bone “and some pretty nasty scratches and bruises,” says McNally. Sadly, the driver of the car, Raza Khan, was killed. Khan was a veteran driver for western journalists; Time magazine has called him a “world-classdriver/fixer.” The Times is establishing a fund for Khan’s family, including his six children. (Melissa Bellinelli of the newspaper’s picture desk is handling all contributions, which are not tax deductible. Checks can be made payable to The New York Times, noting Raza Khan’s name in the memo field.)
     A  Newsweek photographer, Teru Kuwayama, was also injured in the crash.
     Addario is now in Islamabad with her fiance, a Reuters correspondent also based in that city, and Times correspondent Dexter Filkins.
    McNally forwarded this email from Addario:
   “Before anything, I want to thank everyone at the Times for all your help and support this week. You are all wonderful and I am so grateful to have you as an extended family.
   “I am still in the hospital, making a bit of progress. I was able to walk around in circles today  – a leap from yesterday’s five steps. I imagine I’ll look pretty funny as a bride in the next six weeks, but hey, it’s character building.” (Above is an image from Addario’s website, taken in the Darfur region of Sudan in 2004.)–David Schonauer