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Pentax shooters and people looking to make the switch will have another option come July when the 14.6 megapixel K-7 launches. It’s powered by a CMOS sensor that’s capable of shooting HD video (720p at 30 FPS), something just about everyone has been trying to jump on board with. In order to make it stand out, they’ve crammed the whole thing into a compact body, that they claim is “rugged” enough to withstand beatings that would have other DSLRs in boxes on their way to the service department.

As for performance, the rebuilt CMOS adds four channel output and is said to produce extremely low-noise images. We’ll have more on that once we have our full test. Landscape photographers will probably appreciate the 77-segment metering system and the built-in level for nailing the horizon.

One of the more interesting additional features is the automatic HDR function, which combines three images into a single high dynamic range picture right inside the camera. The rest of the specs can be found in the press release after the break, as well as a few more product shots. That can help you decide if it’s worth the $1,300 asking price.