NASA is about ready to send seven astronauts into space on a dangerous mission to fix the Hubble Space Telescope. The goal of the mission is to replace a worn-out, piano-sized camera with a new one. Just a few days ago, on May 4, the old camera produced one of its last images, showing a nebula called Kohoutek 4-55 (above). The repair work will require five risky space-walks. This will be the last repair done on the aging Hubble, but it will allow the telescope to make even more awesome images than it already has. There are various “top-ten” Hubble Space Shuttle Atlantis.–David Schonauer

The Cat’s Eye Nebula, NGC 6543 (because it’s beautiful)

Saturn (because it looks like a great sci-fi illustration)

V838 Monocerotis Light Echo (because it’s where no man has gone)

Sombrero Galaxy (because it’s such a cool name)

Planetary Nebula NGS 6751 (because it looks like an eye)

Globular Cluster NGS 6093 (because it looks like warp drive)