We all know how important light is when photographing outside and now you can impress your friends with your instant read on how much daylight is left before the sun drops below the horizon. Shown in detail on, you locate where the sun is in the sky (without looking directly at it of course), place your hand straight out in front of you with your hand lined up parallel to the ground (note wikihow says perpendicular but I believe it meant parallel) and flip your hand (the four finger section not counting your thumb) over, or use both hands and stack them one over the other until you reach the sun’s location in the sky. 
For every hand you have an hour of daylight, when it gets too close for a full hand, use fingers with each finger counting as 15minutes.  This is a great way to estimate how much daylight you have to work with, of course once the sun goes down you still have a little ambient but it disappears quickly.                 
–Melissa Macatee
Contributing Blogger