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Ovation TV—an all-arts network that broadcasts in major cities, but is also available on DIRECTV as well as online—is in the middle of a week of photography-related programming. Each night, Ovation debuts an installment in its “The Genius of Photography” series, which documents the history and art of photography. There are also programs that delve deeper into the careers of specific photographers, such as David LaChapelle, Sally Mann, and Cindy Sherman.

I’m particularly looking forward to tonight’s special on jazz photographer William Claxton and April 15’s Paper Movies, which discusses photography’s implicit storytelling capabilities and goes into detail about the “greatest paper movies” ever. To see a more complete programming schedule, click here. And to see if you get the station, type your zip code into the box on the top right of the home page.

The above picture is by Shelby Lee Adams, the subject of the fascinating documentary The True Meaning of Pictures: Shelby Lee Adams’ Appalachia, which follows the photographers dedication to photographing the alternative lifestyles of the people living in the Appalachian mountains. —Lindsay Sakraida

(Photo: © Shelby Lee Adams, courtesy Ovation TV.)****