To:     POP Editor
Subject:        Reader Comment

I used to subscribe to Popular Photography years ago when I was a teenager and involved in the photo hobby.  And, like many I’m sure, starting a family resulted in a pullback from the artistic side of photography.  Now, I’m back full force into the hobby and have been a subscriber again to your magazine for awhile now.  Obviously, a lot has changed since my Minolta X-700 days, but I love the DSLR age and the possibilities digital editing offers.

However, as a magazine for the masses, I’m very disappointed that Popular Photography ignores Corel’s PSP Photo X2 software, and when discussing any bit of photo editing your articles assume everyone uses Adobe.  This is very narrow-minded and elitist.  Photo X2 has served me very well since buying it, it is a bargain for the depth of its capabilities, and I liked its interface better than that of the more expensive Elements.

Maybe CS4 is what the photo pros all use in the industry, but your magazine’s audience is not comprised of a pro majority, and many photo hobbyists/enthusiasts would like some serious looks at editing with software other than Adobe’s…on a regular basis–not some token mention in a sidebar in one issue.  Photoshop is no more a prerequisite to being a “real” photographer any more than owning a Nikon is.

Thank you.

-JP Tucker

Yes, I like PaintShop Pro, too. I wish we could cover all the editing software. But there isn’t enough space…or people…or time. Research has shown us that our readers use Photoshop and Photoshop Elements predominently.

All the best,
John Owens, Editor in Chief