To:   POP Editor
Subject: Something Fishy…about the Stingrays?

I enjoyed your article “Nature; 6 Recipes for Amazing Shots” in this (March, 09) issue of PopPhoto. However I did have a problem or two (or three!) with incomplete disclosure for the taking of the amazing shot “Underwater in Black and White”.

1. There is obviously another significant source of light above the rays as evidenced by the shadows beneath them.

2. I admittedly know little about underwater housings, but I find it amazing not to see any sign of the waterline at the lens/housing or between the camera and the rays/boat. At 250th of a second it should have been frozen and visible somewhere. Was it Photoshopped away?

3. You don’t need sunscreen for sunset photos!

All the best,  Your faithful subscriber,
 George Schelz