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It’s Friday, time for a little reflection on the events of the week. The G-20 Summit in London is over, President and Mrs. Obama have headed to Strasbourg, France for a NATO meeting, and we can start assessing the visual clues that  will define the nature of European trip. (You expected analysis of economic and military polict? That’s not how we roll at State of the Art.)

Picture 1. This is probably this first time I have ever seen world leaders photographed such an amusing way. President Obama gives the thumbs up to (clockwise)  Silvio Berlusconi of Italy, Dmitri Medvedev of Russia, and Hu Jintao of China. It looks like they brought a photo booth into the meeting (not a bad idea at that!). This is a funnier than that video of George W. Bush massaging Angela Merkel’s neck.

Picture 2. Michelle Obama put her arm around the Queen of England. It wasn’t a breach of protocol, apparently, because it was the Queen who first put her arm around the First Lady. Still, the image caused a lot of fuss among the 24-7 media in the U.S. The Daily Show revealed why nobody is supposed to touch the Queen…it’s not protocol. It’s because she is poisonous.

Picture 3. I read that President Obama had to step between French president Sarkosy and Mr. Hu of China when those to guys got into a heated argument. But the real drama of the trip was the ultimate showdown the media was waiting for didn’t occur until the Obamas went to France, where our First Lady went toe-to-toe with French First Lady Carla Bruni Sarkosy, a former supermodel, for the top glamour prize? I go with Michelle, but I’m biased. Plus, I found this other shot of the French president patting his wife in public, which must also be against protocol.–David Schonauer