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Most business cards are by definition boring, but if you’re a photographer you want to showcase how creative you are. Since it’s a small piece of yourself that you leave with a prospect client it should stand out from the pack and make them want to visit your website/give you call.

Photojojo offers 12 ideas for memorable and eye catching business cards. Click here to see them all.

But before you get started, follow this advice that’s always important:

“Know your market: When designing your business cards, think about the people you want to hire you: If you’re selling prints on Etsy, a handmade aesthetic will go a long way. If you’re hoping GQ will send you on assignment, you should go for a more sophisticated, polished look.

Image: Nothing says photographers have to have photos on their cards. If your work has a characteristic color palette, choose one or several of those colors and use them instead of a photo. That way if you decide to overhaul your portfolio with all-new photos, you won’t get stuck with an old picture on your business cards.

Lettering: The font on your cards may seem like a trivial detail, but art buyers and photo editors really pay attention to it. Make it simple and easy to read. Time-tested, classic fonts make you seem more design-savvy (even if you only have the ones that came installed on your computer). When in doubt, use Helvetica or Times.”

(photo via photojojo)