Learning photography involves more than learning shooting and compositional skills. It can often feel like you have to learn an entirely new language. Here’s just a few terms and what they mean:

Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS)
Also known as CMOS sensor. And integrated circuit, or IC chip, that is a type of microprocessor. CMOS is used in digital photography as a type of image sensor chip. Its advantages include using less power, which produces less heat, and making less noise than other types of microprocessors and image sensors.

Flash, Slave
A flash that detects the flash of another flash and is thus triggered to fire (also called a slave flash).

A discoloration around the edge of a digital image. Purple fringing is caused by chromatic aberration. White fringing is caused by over-sharpening.

Gretag Macbeth color checker chart
Also called MacBeth color chart. The standard for measuring and comparing colors in photography, printing, and graphic arts. Gretag Macbeth is a printed chart with different colors and different gray scale levels. There are a total of 24 squares, including pure white, pure black, and four levels of gray in between.

Adapted from The Glossary of Digital Photography by John G. Blair (Rockynook, 2008 $40)