How many of us use Adobe Photoshop in our daily workflow?  I couldn’t live without it.  Now the real question is how many of us are actually using our program to its full potential or even using it to half of its potential. I suggest taking a day and attend a workshop or seminar. Not every function in Photoshop is necessary for every photographer but there are a lot of things Photoshop can do to simplify your life and your workflow. I have the good fortune to live in one of those towns that have a market for seminars.  The tours don’t always stop by here but when they do I try to attend if even for a little improvement in my workflow.  Adobe offers a tour they call Maximum Adobe Photoshop with CS4 Seminar Tour. The tips given are usually things you can do in earlier versions with slightly different steps, if you haven’t upgraded yet.  The class costs $99 and during the course of the day you will cover five main areas starting with Photoshop’s Seven Little Known Power Functions, Making Perfect Selections, Must Know Photoshop Fixes, Finishing Touches and Photoshop Unleashed.  Notes are provided so no excuses for not getting the steps down.  Our class was taught by Dave Cross, who keeps things interesting with his sense of humor.  In addition to the class I attended there are others available, see the Kelby Training Live site for the remaining dates and classes. 
—Melissa Macatee
Contributing Blogger_