Q: When shooting pets with my Nikon D60 and 18–55mm Nikkor lens, I use fill-flash to preserve detail in dark fur, but I keep getting bright green “pet eyes.” Must I always fix this in Adobe Photoshop, or is there an in-camera tool that can help?
Mandy Solner
Elgin, IL

A: The anti-redeye feature of the D60’s flash system may work for green “pet eyes.” (Same for the D60’s in-camera redeye removal tool.) More reliable options? Move physically closer to your subjects, and/or try an inexpensive shoe-mount auto flash, such as the Sunpak DS 20 ($25, street). It will raise your fill light about 5 inches above the lens, almost certainly eliminating pet eye. For about twice that price, you can find a TTLdedicated shoe-mounter.

(From Tech Support April 2009 issue)