Q: I calibrate my laptop with the Datacolor Colorvision Spyder2 Plus. When I turn on the computer, the Datacolor files load and I get perfect colors. But, when the Spyder icon leaves the screen, colors become washed out. My prints are fine—it’s the screen image that’s a problem. What’s up?
William Scott
Houston, TX

A: Color geeks call it a LUT war. Another piece of software, such as a video card or 3D game utility, is loading data to the video Look Up Tables (LUTs) on your video card, wiping out the Datacolor presets. Check your startup folder for anything color-related that might be loading after the Datacolor LUTs. Disable any questionable items, or use a startup utility to set the Datacolor LUTs to load last.
(From Tech Support April 2009 issue)