Photojojo offers 9 tips for breaking into Photojournalism, below are our favorites:

• Concentrate on writing good captions. A striking difference between amateur and professional photographers is that pros have mastered the art of collecting information about their photographs. Who? What? When? Where?  If you can’t get the facts straight, and write them in a clear, concise and accurate caption, you will not make it far in the business of photojournalism.

•  When you’re out shooting photographs, get out of your car and walk. Meet people. Talk to them. Ask questions. You may be surprised to learn how many unique story ideas you can come up with just by being curious. Having a unique story is a quick way to impress an editor, but you won’t find it while driving around in your car.

•  It’s always wise for those trying to leap into the profession to shoot photos of people. Photojournalism is the visual documentation of what is going on around us all. Nothing illustrates that more accurately than photographs of people doing the things people do.