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The annual AIPAD show at the New York Armory (March 26-29) got started yesterday with a press preview and gala opening party. I got to the preview but ducked out before the party. I think that was a good thing. Before the fun started, I was able to talk to lots of the gallery owners who were busy putting the final touches on their booths.
    Most said they there apprehensive—we don’t yet fully know what the effects of the economic crisis will have on the photo art market, after all.
     Oddly, I left feeling upbeat. Contemporary photography still seems heavily weighted to what American Photo editor at large Jean Jacques Naudet calls “plasticians”—the artists who use photographic processes and technology to create utterly fabricated imagery. Some of the work is beautiful and some is impressive if not expressive. There are some real surprises in this year’s show, which I’ll be revealing in the next day or two. The economy aside, the takeaway from the show would have to two brilliant new initiatives from the George Eastman House. Oh, I also learned that I need to make a correction to a previous post about the famous Shepard Fairey poster of Barack Obama.