Sports photography isn’t as easy as some might believe.  Successful sports photographers spend hours planning and preparing before a game. Jordan Murph shared with what assisting for John McDonough entails. For a regular NBA game they arrive six to seven hours before game time, hauling multiple bags of organized gear.  Once at the venue, the work setting up multiple remote cameras begins. Using remote cameras allows a photographer to get different angles of the same shot. Some of the cameras are set to shoot with strobes which requires a more selective timing of shots since the strobes recycle.

Handheld cameras are also used, set for the ambient light of the arena if a sequence of shots is needed. It’s not just about shots during the game, pre-game warm up drills are regularly covered. Once the game is over, photos have to be transmitted, equipment has to come down and be meticulously repacked for the next game.  Next time you see an amazing sports photo, you will realize the hard work and discipline that goes into to being a regular on the sports photography circuit, day after day and weekend after weekend.

—Melissa Macatee
Contributing Blogger