Q: I own both the Manfrotto 3275 panning tripod head and 3265 grip-action tripod head. I absolutely love the former and hate the latter. Whenever I move the camera/lens aim point with the grip head, as soon as I let go of its locking lever, the weight of the camera and lens depresses the aim point. What am I doing wrong?
John D’Errico
Columbus, GA

A: It sounds like your rig doesn’t balance well on the grip head, so look into a tripod collar for your lens. Manfrotto makes a universal tele collar: the 293 Lens Support ($60, street). Also, the 3265 has a tension control for the ball. We keep ours at its tightest setting. (By the way, over the years we’ve heard complaints about the 3265’s plastic cracking and aluminum parts corroding. Its squeeze-and-aim concept, however, is so convenient for some rigs that Manfrotto redesigned and reintroduced the product. The new version is the 222 Grip Action Ballhead and it costs $100, street.)

(From Tech Support March 09)