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Variety_ announced today that Robert Mapplethorpe’s estate has given actress Eliza Dushku the exclusive rights to the controversial photographer’s life story. The actress plans to produce a biographical film. Dushku—who starred in the cheerleading movie Bring It On—may seem like an odd choice to develop such a project, but she has enlisted a formidable director to take the lead. Ondi Timoner is a Sundance darling who famously directed the critically-acclaimed DiG!, a documentary about the crazed lead singer of the Brian Jonestown Massacre. Thus, we have high hopes for her take on Mapplethorpe’s complex career. The movie is tentatively titled The Perfect Moment, and you can read more here.

— Lindsay Sakraida

(Photo: a self-portrait of Robert Mapplethorpe, found in Slyvia Wolf’s book Mapplethorpe: Polaroids)