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The internet has been a blessing for creative industries because it has given their actors the ability to interact, debate, and inspire each other, no matter the physical barriers. And now with RESOLVE—a new blog from liveBooks—photography has found a home for its global community.

Former American Photo senior editor Miki Johnson—now the social media editor at liveBooks, a company that builds sites for photographers—is at the helm of RESOLVE, which debuted a few weeks ago. The blog publishes news, op-ed content, and advice that Johnson has gathered from photographers, editors, curators, and agency representatives. With this communal forum, industry professionals can discuss of-the-moment issues in photography.

We found the blog to be particularly useful in de-mystifying certain aspects of the industry that are rarely taught, like transitioning between photo niches or learning the business ropes. For example, the top story on the blog today is this discussion of what to expect when an agency takes its cut from the sale of your pictures—making the blog perfect for emerging photographers.