Do you feel like you never have time to take a break?  This is the perfect time of year to stop and regroup especially with regard to your photos and digital files.  As 2009 starts, take a couple of days to go through your digital files stored on your computer or external drive. Use a simple system to sort and catalog them so you can find them again. If you don’t already have a program to help you do this, consider buying one. For Apple users, iPhoto will help you put your photos into albums from your photo library.

If you are an  Adobe Photoshop user Bridge will work, two other programs that help you catergorize and tag photos are Adobe Lightroom and Camera Bits’ Photo Mechanic.  Don’t forget to burn backups to disk, label and organize your disks too and finally take the time to get prints of your favorite images.  It seems overwhelming but consider it a part of your routine. While you are at it, delete the files you will never want to see again. Take a screen grab and print out the list of everything on a specific drive to help speed up your search when you can’t remember what drive something is on.  If you can take the time to sit down and get this done you will be amazed at how good it feels once you have everything organized.  Moving forward stay organized and you will be way ahead this time next year. 
—Melissa Macatee
Contributing Blogger