Typepad Import Image

Simple steps can make creating a wide panorama image from multiple images a breeze.   When you find yourself in a situation where you need to take multiple photographs, then stitch them together to make a final image, set your camera settings manually to keep files similar in aperture and exposure.   Keep your focal length the same.  When photographing the scene, overlap frame to frame.  Open your files in Photoshop and select File > Automate > Photomerge.  Select files (or folder) that you want to stitch together.  On the left side of the Photomerge box, you can select the layout, selecting cylindrical will help create a less distorted stitched image.

Check blend images together on bottom of box to allow the program to blend the files together.  Click OK and watch your panorama come together.

Ten images turned into one.

—Melissa Macatee
Contributing Blogger