Q: My wife and I shoot weddings with DSLRs and hot-shoe flashes that take AA batteries. We go through dozens a year, both alkalines and NiHD rechargeables. What’s the proper way to dispose of them?
Dave and Tammy Bloomer
Monroe, LA

A: The U.S. government categorizes alkaline batteries as nonhazardous waste, which can be disposed of in household trash anywhere but California and Hennepin County, MN, where you’re required to recycle them. Most other states don’t have dry-cell (such as AA) recycling programs, but the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation has dropoff locations at many major retailers, including Home Depot, Staples, and Target. (Whole Foods accepts rechargeable and alkalines.) For a list of recycling locations near you, visit

(Tech Support, February 2009)