Q: I will be hiking in Yellowstone this winter, and I’m looking for ways to keep my hands warm while shooting. I used photo mittens last year, and their bare-finger design left me numb-thumbed for a week!
Tony Schuster
Tahoe City, CA

A: If you’re shooting with a digital or film SLR (not an 8×10 view camera), check out the Cozy Camera Bag ($139, direct; It’s the only bag we know of that has a built-in glove-like appendage for your right hand and a front-side portal to pop a lens through. You slide your hand through the “glove” into the interior of the bag, where it lets you operate the camera easily. The bag’s internal pockets are designed to hold chemical handwarmers, which keep your camera, fingers, and thumb warm and photo-ready.

(Tech Support, February 2009)