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The APEX Telescope in Chile has produced an image showing what is going on in a supermassive black hole that lies at the center of the Centaurus A gallexy, which is a relatively short 13 million light years away from Earth.
      The image reveals jets of subatomic particles being ejected from the black hole at half the speed of light. (That’s what you see in the center disc.) Also visible are lobes of matter on either side of the black hole. The glow in the lower right is the shockwave created by the lobe colliding with surrounding gas.   
     I don’t understand any of this stuff, but I know a kick-butt nature photo when I see it.
     But wouldn’t you know it? The image is a composite of various images created by different instruments that detect things at different wave lengths. Damn you, Photoshop! (For more, go here.)–David Schonauer