Ring Flash has been around for awhile but has recently become more popular with more affordable designs.  Using Ring Flash is common practice in fashion photography and can be used as a fill in conjunction with other light sources.  A ring flash is a flash that makes a circle around the lens of your camera.  The light will show up often in the subjects’ eyes as a ring of lights. Recently companies have created more affordable units.  David Honl and Robert Hanashiro tried out three of these ring flashes, the Ray Flash adapter by Expoimaging, for $ 200, Orbis for $169, and Zeus Ring Master by White Lightning for $ 300.

With the help of Myung Chun they created a video demonstrating the different models and discovering some of the pros and cons of the different units. brought attention to a video from showing the difference between the professional ring flash units and some of these newer more affordable units.  Check each ring flash’s site for specifics like whether you will need additional cords. The Ray Flash seems to be self-sufficient and should fit most standard speed lights, the Orbis requires an off-camera cord for use off of the hotshoe but should fit over most standard speedlights. The Zeus Ring Master will need a power pack.  For someone just trying out the ring flash look the Ray Flash or Orbis may be the perfect match.  One thing to realize when using a ring flash designed to fit over a speedlight is the recycle time for the speedlight. Recycle time can become a major issue if you plan on shooting a lot with the ring flash.

—Melissa Macatee
Contributing Blogger