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A new documentary screened at the Sundance Film Festival has an explosive revelation: Vogue magazine drastically maniuplated a photo of actress Sienna Miller for the cover of its September 2007 issue.
    The film, called simply “The September Issue,” reveals that a shot of Miller’s head was attached to a different shot of her body.
    the whole blogosphere is going to erupt over this…partly because everyone is looking for some piece of news to come out of Sundance, and partly because it’s sort of open season on Vogue editor Anna Wintour, and partly because Perez Hilton always puts down Miller. (In the film, Wintour apparently says Miller is “toothy.”) And it’s always fun to call out magazines over retouching.
    But of course we all know that all the fashion magazines do this. Let me suggest that attaching heads from one shot bodies in another is just sort of standard practice nowadays. Fashion is about fantasy, not reality.–David Schonauer