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Subject: Cold weather Photography vs batteries

Our trip to Canada over the New Years last year was a learning
experience in cold weather photography.  While we did our homework in
researching the clothing required for sub-zero temperatures, there was
little advice on camera preparation other than ‘keep’ the battery warm.
I purchased a lot of the chemical hand and foot warmers.

My cold weather images would not have been possible without those
chemical warmers.  A warm Nikon battery, inserted into a cold camera
body in minus 17 deg temps could only allow 5 quick images to be taken
before the battery died.  The chemical hand warmers when placed between
the gloved hand and camera’s battery compartment allowed me continue
photography, regardless of how cold it got.  Unfortunately, the camera
does not record the temperature. Photo taken in Moosonee ON, Jan 2,
2008. Nikon D200, f10, 1/350 sec, ISO 400 FL 42mm. Image was taken
around 1 PM, note how low the sun is at that latitude with the length of
my shadow.

Arthur Raynolds
Lake Toxaway NC