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There are the wars, the rising ranks of the unemployed, the danger of climate change, and the geese that bring down airplanes in the Hudson River. These are indeed tough days that require wise leadership. It is time put to away childish things, as the new president said, and focus on what is important.
     Luckily, Congressman Peter King, a veteran republican from New York, is keeping his eye on the ball. He has proposed legislation requiring makers of cell phones with cameras to make an audible sound when a picture is taken.
     The Camera Phone Predator Alert Act would safeguard the privacy of everyone, especially children  who can find themselves victimized by photos taken in locker rooms and other public places by silent cameras.
     It sounds kind of silly, but according to wired.com, Japan already has such a law. Given the other legislative items congress is facing, the bill will probably go nowhere.
    It should be noted that before the advent of the focal-plane shutter, reflex mirror, and motor drive even old-fashioned cameras were virtually silent. Indeed, that is one of the reasons that so many great photographers loved using rangefinders like the Leica. They were small, quiet, and unobtrusive.–David Schonauer