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Evan Robinson submitted this photo taken with a Nikon D2X with an exposure of 1/250 sec at f/7.1 with an ISO of 100 and a focal length of 17mm. Evan also used two flashes, an SB800 and an SB26 with umbrellas. I think this portrait has an interesting look. The flash gives it that very commercial look which is good or bad depending on your personal opinion. I happen to like it because the light emphasizes the subject, while the background goes darker. Perhaps having the boy look into the lens would have made for more of a connection with the viewer, but that’s my only complaint.

__—Linzee Karasik
Pop Photo

This photo gets four stars on the PopPhoto Flash rating system.

The PopPhoto Flash rating system.
*= This part of the camera is called the lens
**= Don't quit your day job
***= Good, but not yet great
****=So close you can taste it
*****= Yes, a thousand times yes!

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