Photo Ops of the Month

Seasonal subjects to shoot in June.



The Palouse Countyside

When: Throughout June. Where: Palouse region, Eastern Washington and North Central Idaho. What: The soft, rolling hills and rustic farmhouses of the Palouse countryside make it a photo destination throughout the year. June is when the bright green wheat fields meet the golden yellows of blooming Alan Caddey canola. Tip: For color-filled, sparse landscapes, the Rule of Thirds is a general composition guideline. Also look for lines that will lead your eye through the photo, making sure they don't originate from the corners of the frame. For info:; 800-365-6948.

AIA's 21st Annual Sandcastle Competition

When: June 2. Where: East Beach, Galveston Island, TX. What: If Frank Lloyd Wright were still alive, he'd be competing in the American Institute of Architects -- Houston Chapter's annual sandcastle competition. Up to 100 professional architecture firms gather each year to build traditional and untraditional "castles," some reaching as high as 12 feet. Tip: Bright sand hits your camera's lightmeter the same way as bright snow. Meter the brightest area, open up a stop or 2, and bracket! For info: ; 713-520-0155.

Dragon Boat Festival

When: June 10. Where: Boston, MA. What: In 278 B.C., beloved Chinese poet Qu Yuan threw himself in a river. Unable to save him, townspeople, myth holds, threw rice into the water and splashed to keep fish from eating his body. In this annual Dragon Boat Festival, more than 600 participants race brilliantly painted dragon boats on the Charles River to commemorate the event. Tip: Be sure to capture the sloshing water and frenzied paddling of the race. Zoom in close to the action (Storrow Drive is a good vantage point level with the water), and experiment with longer shutter speeds to catch the motion. For info: