I watched the election returns last night, and I saw the future…not the future of politics or policy, but the future of pictures. Forget video…I want holograms.
I happened to spend most of the evening tuned into CNN, and I was prepared for more of those spectacular touch-screen maps that the correspondents now use. (By the way, I don’t think those maps are just gimmicks. Last night they were skillfully used to drill down into the voting results in ways that I’ve never seen before.)
Then Wolf Blitzer cranked up CNN’s latest tech marvel–hologram interviews. Anderson Cooper also did it later on. As you see in this clip, the subject of the interview appears in the newsroom in 3D. My first reaction to my wife was, “Hey, it’s like Princess Leia in Star Wars!” My second reaction was, “How do I get one of these?”
I imaging this technology doesn’t come cheaply. (Go here to see how they did it.) But like CNN’s touch-screen maps, this hologram stuff will be used by all the news networks pretty soon. It’s just too awesome.
And how soon will it be before we get to have to hologram beamed into our own living rooms? I’d like to have Wolf or Anderson or Katie or Brian standing right in front of me reading the news. (Bill O’Reilly and Keith Olberman? Not so much.)
I’ve been hearing about the coming 3D revolution in photography for a while. Perhaps that future isn’t as far away as I’d imagined.–David Schonauer