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Crashing cars, flying motorcycles, men covered in bees, and lots more involving fire, razor blades, and shotguns are the subject of the new book “Incredible Stunts!” by Jeffery R. Werner (Incredible Features, Los Angeles, $50; incrediblestunts.com).

A look at decades’ worth of photos by Jeffrey R. Werner, the oversized volume lives up to its title, with 150+ pages of the goofiest, most grotesque, and bizarrely outrageous stunts ever performed and photographed.

Silly, stupid, and ridiculous? Absolutely. But I defy you to not look at ever mind-boggling photo.

Werner’s technical proficiency with a camera and the heavy, glossy stock of the book insure that you clearly see all the details. The face of the man being run over by his own truck? Got it. The blood running down the face of the guy intentionally clobbered with a bowling ball? You bet. The sheer terror in the eyes of the fellow who locked himself in a washing machine for a full cycle? Yes!!!.

And that’s not all. There’s a fiery flying garbage truck, cars in midair collisions, airplanes whacking into buildings, and even a tribute to the greatest daredevil of all, Evel Knievel, along with a photo of Evel in his Elvis-caliber coffin.

In all, your inner 11 year old will consider this “The Greatest Book Ever Published.”

More adult taste might label it as Popular Photography Senior Editor Dan Richards did, “The Big Book of Really Bad Ideas.”
—John Owens
Editor in Chief_