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After last night’s debate everyone is talking about Joe the Plumber. Both candidates were falling all over themselves to help this guy with tax breaks and other promises. I thought he was just a mythical figure but of course like the rest of America I later found out he was a real plumber.
Well, I own a little house with old pipes and kids who over the years have shoved any number of small objects down drains. I know about getting plumbers in on the weekend, and I think a couple were named Joe. From my experience they do pretty well.
What I wonder about is Joe the Photographer–the everyman shooter who brightens our world and documents our weddings and brings nature into our homes. Who’s going to protect him him or her? The prices for stock photography is are ridiculously low, the idea of copyright is withering away, pro cameras are really expensive, and magazines are disappearing, among other problems.
Like mythical Joe the Plumber, who is also a real plumber, there are real Joe the Photographers. I looked up a few on Google:
There is of course Joe McNally, who topped my Google search. He’s a pretty famous pro–maybe not the Joe the Photographer I’m looking for.
There is Joe Buissink, who was on our list of 10 Best Wedding Photographers in 2007. Yes, he shoots weddings, but they’re in Beverly Hills.
There is Joe Roenthal, who took the picture of Marines raising the flag at Iwo Jima. He passed away in 2006. He was one of the nicest Joes you could ever hope to meet.
There is “Not Your Average Joe” photography in Dallas–a business run by photographer Joe Grisham. That name rules him out, I guess.
Then there is Denver photographer Joe Kelly, who does weddings, high school senior pictures, dances, and more. Yeah, that’s Joe the Photographer. I may give him a call tomorrow and talk to him about how he sees things.
Any other Joes the Photographers out there want to give a shout and tell us about the state of the photo business? –David Schonauer