Waiting is an unavoidable part of everyday life, luckily even if you forgot a book while you wait for the bus, you likely have a camera on hand (your photo!) Susheel Chandradhas offer 11 ideas for practicing your shooting (and becoming a better photograher) while you’re killing time on Here’s a few:

• Go Back to Basics: Photography students are asked to take photographs of textures, patterns and such, in an effort to make them understand their importance and to teach them how to incorporate them into their regular photographs for heightened impact. You could do the same.

• Try New Points of View: Ever wondered what your dog or cat sees from its height? You spend hours watching your TV; what does it see? What does your fridge see when you peer into it? Try to simulate this stuff with your cameraphone.
• Try Some Portraits:** Bus stops have this great quality about them… They’re a collecting point for people. The same goes for train stations, subways, and airports. If you ever find yourself stuck at one of them waiting for a bus, train or airplane, all you have to do is whip out your mobile phone.

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