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Color is one of the strongest elements of composition and there is no time of the year when this is more obvious than in the fall. As a photographer, there no place I would rather spend my fall than in the aspen forest of the Rocky Mountains.

Most landscape photographers rely heavily on wide-angle zooms, although I use a Canon 24–105mm L zoom lens; I also use a 70–200mm L lens. The longer zoom allows me to reach out and compress scenes and isolate my subjects. This is also a great time to try new techniques such as backlighting, and both vertical and horizontal panoramas. Try using a polarizing filter but be careful at high altitudes not to over do it; a good time to shoot is during the soft light of a cloudy day.

Once you find the right subject, invest the time, wait for the right light and work the scene, capture everything from a single leaf to the grand landscape. Just remember the fundamentals of good photography, “Quality Light, Strong Subjects and Composition.”

Allen L. Thornton
Castle Rock, Colorado

(All photos by Allen L. Thorton)